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Covering Baby Bottoms Yakima Valley Diaper Bank began operations in the summer of 2012. This project was started and continues to be a part of the work that Triumph Treatment Services embodies. It was created as a response to help fight diaper need in our area. The diaper bank's operations have been supported and sustained by community grants, donations, volunteers and the staff of Triumph Treatment Services.

Our distribution efforts would not be possible without the help of our partnership with Sunrise Outreach that stems back to when we first began this project. They have been essential to our operations.

In February 2014, we began a new partnership with Toppenish DCFS. This will increase the reach and impact that we can make to the families that are a part of the Yakima Valley.

Who we are:

Covering Baby Bottoms is a diaper bank that works to provide baby basics to families struggling to provide for their babies. Our mission is to serve our community and supply needy infants and toddlers with diapers to keep them happy, healthy and dry.

Why we do this:

  • Families cut back on other basic needs like food, electricity, and heat to pay for diapers.
  • There is an increased disease risk (staph, rash, hepatitis) for babies whose families do not have enough diapers.
  • Childcare centers require parents/guardians to leave disposable diapers with their child. If they cannot afford diapers, they miss work. This is a contributing factor to generational poverty
  • Safety Net programs such as SNAP, Medicare and WIC do not cover diapers
  • Yakima County continues to rank one of the highest in poverty levels for children under 18.
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