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he outpatient information and referral program serves as a resource center for assistance in resuming a healthy and productive life.

The patient is provided treatment in a group setting, with other patients experiencing the same chronic disease and problems.

Individuals who are able to take advantage of this level of care are able to remain on the job and live at home while receiving professional help with their addiction.

Our outpatient centers offer several treatment options. These include traditional outpatient; individual, group and family counseling; relapse prevention and assessment/evaluation services.

For clients with children, our outpatient location offers childcare Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m (By appointment only)

Please contact the front desk to learn more about this option.

Located at CDAC
(Community Drug & Alcohol Center )

  • Outpatient Treatment Services
  • Housing Program
  • Administration Building

Address: 120 S 3rd St.
Yakima, WA. 98901
Phone (509) 248-1800

Housing Program Location

122 S 3rd St. Yakima WA, 98901