Board of Directors

Our Amazing Board

Triumph is blessed with a Board of Directors who understand and are connected to the very core of Triumph’s Mission: Where hope and new life become possible.  Many of our Board Members have become part of our very legacy through the years because they believe in helping families and individuals find recovery and health.

How You Can Help

We are in search of another board member! Come join an amazing team offering hope, and helping new life become possible.

We take pride in our history, for it is the foundation of our future and long standing tradition of our commitment to a better health.

If you also yearn for an opportunity to give back and support our organization through service on the Triumph Board of Directors, please contact Francisca Torrico at

Meet our Board Members

Debra Madsen - Chair

Biography coming soon!

Lynda Boggess - Secretary

Lynda wants to help a population of people that she has worked with for many years in her profession but had always felt helpless to offer them any real solutions.

Jeff Hakala

Biography coming soon!

Rigoberto Dominguez

Rigoberto believes that Triumph gives the opportunity for individuals to get their life back. The mission to help provide this for the vulnerable is life-changing. He is blessed to play a role in a life-changing agency.

Dr. Jamie Simmons

Biography coming soon!

Wally Lee

Biography coming soon!

Darlene Lamb Cash

Biography coming soon!

Laura Crooks

Biography coming soon!