Drug Education – Cannabis

Drug Dependence

Physical / Psychological

How Used Duration
Marijuana Mild/Mild-High Smoke, Oral 2-4
Marijuana plus Adulterants:

Opiates, Methamphetamine, Embalming fluid, ect.

Mild-High/Mild-High Smoke, Oral Variable
Hashish Unknown / Moderate Smoke, Oral 2-4
Hashish Oil Unknown / Moderate Smoke, Oral 2-4
What is Cannabis?


Hemp plant from which marijuana and hashish are produced;
Hashish consists of resinous secretions of the cannabis plant;
Marijuana is a tobacco-like substance.

Possible Effects


Euphoria followed by relaxation; loss of appetite; impaired memory, concentration, knowledge retention; loss of coordination, more vivid sense of taste, sight, smell, hearing; stronger doses cause fluctuating emotions, fragmentary thoughts, disoriented behavior, psychosis; may cause irritation to lungs, respiratory system; may cause cancer.

Symptoms of Overdose


Fatigue, lack of coordination, paranoia, possible psychosis

Withdrawal Syndrome


Insomnia, hyperactivity, sometimes decreased appetite

Indications of Possible Misuse


Animated behavior, loud talking, followed by sleepiness
Dilated pupils, blood shot eyes
Distortions in perception; hallucinations
Distortions in depth and time perception; loss of coordination