Drug Education – Steroids

Drug Dependence

Physical / Psychological

How Used Duration
Dianabol Possible / Possible Oral Days – Weeks
Nandrolone Possible / Possible Oral Days – Weeks
What are Steroids?


Synthetic compounds available legally and illegally
Drugs that are closely related to the male sex hormone, testosterone
Moderate potential for abuse, particularly among young males

Possible Effects


Increase in body weight
Increase in muscle strength
Enhance athletic performance
Increase physical endurance

Symptoms of Overdose


Quick weight and muscle gains
Extremely aggressive behavior or “Roid rage”
Severe skin rashes
Impotence, withered testicles
In females, development of irreversible masculine traits

Withdrawal Syndrome


Significant weight loss
Behavioral changes

Indications of Possible Misuse


Increased combativeness and aggressiveness
Purple or red spots on body; unexplained darkness of skin
Persistent unpleasant breath odor
Swelling of feet or lower legs