Drug Education – Stimulants

Drug Dependence

Physical / Psychological

How Used Duration
Cocaine, Crack Possible / Very High Sniffed, Smoked, Injected 1-2
Amphetamines Possible / High Oral, Injected 2-4
Methamphetamine, Ice Possible / Very High Sniffed, Smoked, Injected 4-14
Phenmetrazine, Preludin Possible / High Oral, Injected 2-4
Methylphenidate, Rialin Possible / Moderate Oral, Injected 2-4
Energy Drinks, Caffiene/Guarana/Ginseng Possible / Moderate Oral 2-6
Amyl & Butyl Nitrate, Poppers, Rush Unknown / Unknown Inhaled Less than 1
What are Stimulants?


Drugs used to increase alertness, relieve fatigue, feel stronger and more decisive; used for euphoric effects or to counteract the “down” feeling of tranquilizers or alcohol.

Possible Effects


Increased heart and respiratory rates, elevated blood pressure, dilated pupils and decreased appetite; high doses may cause rapid or irregular heartbeat, loss of coordination, collapse; may cause perspiration, blurred vision, dizziness, a feeling of restlessness, anxiety, delusions.

Symptoms of Overdose


Agitation, increase in body temperature, hallucinations, convulsions, possible death.

Withdrawal Syndrome


Apathy, long periods of sleep, irritability, depression, disorientation.

Idications of Possible Misuse


Excessive activity, talkativeness, irritability, argumentativeness or nervousness
Increased blood pressure or pulse rate, dilated pupils
Long periods without sleeping or eating