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Triumph has been making new hope and life possible since 1961. Our history of providing an integrated continuum of care for individuals and families who experience substance-use disorder, homelessness, and poverty. Part of the continuum is providing research and therapeutic childcare that works in tandem with our parental programs at our Cottage Kids Children’s Center.

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Why We Need to Expand

Our current Cottage Kids Children’s Center provides childcare to children ages 0-6 years and is located on the same campus as our long-term Pregnant and Parenting Women’s Program campus, which has three residential housing units for substance use disorder treatment. We are currently:

  • Limited to helping 25 children at a time due to capacity restrictions
  • Restricted in services we can provide children due to a lack of space
  • Not able to provide the full continuum of care that encompasses not just the parent’s success, but their child’s as well

Expanding this center will:

  • Increase the center’s capacity from 25 to 43 children
  • Provide an Early Childhood Education Assistance Program curriculum
  • Provide an evidence-based Theraplay curriculum along with the required additional qualified staff
  • Provide child care for our families
  • Provide a safe and secure playground families can access seven days a week
  • Allow us to prepare nutritious meals on campus with a commercial kitchen
  • Provide a cafeteria for parents and children to enjoy meals together
  • Provide bus and van pickup and drop-off for families who lack transportation
  • Offer a safe environment for family education, support, and recreational use

Your Donations: 

The completed project is forecast to cost $4,500,000. We have raised $3,500,00 so far (we are SO close)!

If you are interested in being a part of this story, please consider donating.

The construction for Cottage Kids Children’s Center is shovel-ready and dependent on securing the rest of the funding. Because of the generous donations so far, we broke ground August 12, 2020.


  • 26% White
  • 21% Native American
  • 19% Hispanic
  • 5% African American
  • 5% Multi Racial
  • 24% Unknown

Help fund a historic project to provide life-changing education and counseling to disadvantaged, underserved children.

Cottage Kids: For Kids and their Parents.

When women first come to us they are often at a low point. They are living and parenting as a reaction to the trauma that they have faced. This was certainly the case with a patient we treated during this past year. Previously homeless, this woman entered treatment with the right attitude but without the knowledge that she needed in order to be a successful parent. When she checked in she was struggling to connect with her child, a practically non- verbal toddler who presented with symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder.


The patient was extremely frustrated and felt disconnected from her child. Without an understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder, our patient felt as though she were failing as a mom. She even confessed to feeling as though her child did not love or care for her. The staff of Cottage Kids immediately began setting this mom up for success. The top priority for staff was to establish a safe environment for the child. The patient did not know how to create a safe and loving home for a child, so Cottage Kids staff worked with mom to teach this skill. We were also able to complete an Ages/Stages Questionnaire and obtain a referral to Children’s Village.

When the patient completed treatment, it was clear that a complete 180 had taken place. The patient was fully aware of her resources and had become a strong and confident advocate for her child. She was even named Parent of the Month after working extremely hard to create a healthy relationship with her child. The child was also able to make great progress while under our care, developing the ability to speak in two-word sentences. We are extremely proud of this mom and the progress that she was able to make with her child. To watch her confidence in her parenting skills grow and develop was a privilege and an incredible reminder of why we do the work that we do.

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