Healthy Structure for Community Living in Recovery

The James Oldham Treatment Center (JOTC) is named for a pioneer in the State of Washington in the field of Alcoholism and other Drug Addiction  Treatment. Mr. Oldham firmly believed that those suffering a Substance Use Disorder as well as their Families all deserve an opportunity for treatment and Recovery. It was with this spirit in mind that this program was begun more thirty years ago. The program is recognized throughout the State as a leader in the treatment of Substance Use Disorders. In addition JOTC has a proud reputation for working with all those persons suffering from this devastating and life threatening illness.

Our staff wants you to be positive about your decision to participate here at JOTC. We are sure that you are committed to change and willing to do what’s needed. We would like to assure you that all those present have the same level of willingness and desire for change that you have however that is just not likely. Old habits sometimes die very slow deaths. We are dealing with a large group of people with a variety of life experiences and wreckage of the past and this is what makes this program so diverse and strong. It is also in keeping with Mr. Oldham’s belief that we give all those suffering from a Substance Use Disorder an opportunity for recovery. Please keep this in mind as you experience your stay here and understand that this is a voluntary program and if you do not wish to be a part of the JOTC program you will not be required to stay. The fact is you my leave at any time. Despite the fact that you may have significant pressure from others such as: Court, Probation, and Family we will never force you to stay here.

It is our wish that your experience here be a powerful and healing process for you and your family. We know it will be a difficult and even painful process you are beginning but as we all have come to understand many of the important things in life are that way. Please keep in mind that we believe that what you do here will be vital to you personal recovery journey however, what you do after your time here will be more important.

Participation in the program at JOTC requires compliance with the following structure and guidelines. Violations of the structure may result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge from the treatment program. You will be held accountable for all your actions/conduct.

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