Triumph Center

Triumph Treatment Services’ expanded campus offering three residential women’s programs:
Casita, Riel House & Beth’s Place!

Riel House, a specialized pregnant and/or parenting women’s residential treatment program has been in operation since 1990. Riel House admits women with at least one child under the age of 6 or who are pregnant and assessed to receive treatment at this level of care. The program addresses the needs of parenting women and their children, while offering an environment and tools for substance free living.


Recently the purchase of other buildings and property on the same campus as Riel House afforded Triumph Treatment Services the opportunity to offer two like programs on the same site: Beth’s Place and Casita.All three programs share the same goals and services. Beth’s Place is a new program whereas Casita is an existing program which is relocating from Kennewick, WA to the campus in Yakima, WA.



Cottage Kids, a new licensed therapeutic child care on the same campus, provides specialized and individualized child care for children who live with their mothers while in treatment.


Riel House, Beth’s Place, Casita and Cottage Kids form a hub of family oriented services available in a single centrally located campus. Triumph Treatment Services offers a “Center for Excellence” of residential treatment for parenting women and their children.