Updates on Triumph’s Inspirations Expansion

On June 12th 2024, Triumph held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the expansion of Inspirations, an Intensive Inpatient (IIP) facility serving indivualds wtih substance use and mental health disorders.

For 10 years Triumph has operated Inspirations and has served over 1,900 women in substance use disorder treatment and transitional housing from this location. The last of Inspirations’ clients graduated in December of 2023 to prepare to temporarily close for renovation. This project increases treatment beds in Washington State for co-occurring disorders (substance use disorder and mental health conditions) and will support more women, their children, and their families for several years to come. The first phase of the project will double the number of beds available from 16 to 32 in 2025. The full project includes a second phase that, once fully funded, will complete the expansion to 48 total beds.

On July 20th 2024,

Contstruction continues with the abated and framed “renovated” section of the Inspirations building. New footings and crawl space started. 

On July 10th 2024,

Contstruction continues as the foundation work for Inpsirations starts…

On June 12th 2024,

On June 12 at 11:30am Triumph Treatment Services (Triumph) held a groundbreaking ceremony themed “Recovery Rocks” which launched the Inspirations’ expansion. The project was supported by several community partners and legislators across the state including Senator Curtis King, Representative Gina Mosbrucker, and Representative Chris Corry. Unable to attend the event, Representative Corry sent the following remarks: “I am extremely proud to be working with Triumph Treatment Services as they strive to support our community with crucial substance use and mental health treatment. Triumph has been an outstanding community partner, and I was honored to be able to assist them with this expansion. It is vital that people in our community have access to world class treatment close to home. Thank you to the various community partners that have made today possible and thank you Triumph for your commitment to serving our valley.”

Senator Curtis King was able to attend and shared his enthusiasm with the crowd: “They (the staff at Triumph) do great work…. They make a difference in individual lives and families. That’s why we’re here, that’s why this is important, and that’s why the funding came from the state.”

Several colorful rocks (painted by past clients) with hopeful sayings such as “trust the process” were on display at the event. Chanelle Surginer shared her recovery story and said, “In my stay at Inspirations, my brain had the chance to begin the healing process… Inspirations was the rock that my recovery was built on, and I am happy to say that last month I celebrated three years clean.”

On May 9th 2024,

Triumph received permits to begin the demolition of the existing Inspirations structure. Crews from local companies GH Moen and Tri-Valley Construction were successful in partially demolishing the building, protecting a portion that will undergo renovations. Crews have been working to clear and clean the ground so that site preparations for building can begin.

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