Housing Programs

Housing Department: 122 S 3rd St. Yakima, WA, 98901

Main Office: (509) 853-4130

Triumph has provided housing for individuals and families recovering from addiction since 1992. We provide case management and work in partnership with other local agencies in order to offer the most robust services and housing opportunities to our clients. Stable housing gives our clients the first step they need to start on the road to hope and healing.

We offer many different types of housing programs, covering all types of needs. Each type of program provides housing for single adults, families, and pregnant women and mothers

Permanent Housing

Transitional Housing

Emergency Housing

** Upon moving into our housing facilities, a $500 refundable deposit is required at the time of occupancy.

Rent is due on the first of every month. If a payment is late or is not paid in full by the 5th, a late fee of $25 will be charged on the 6th of every month plus $5 per day for every day late.

Here from our Housing Program Manager, Sophia Sanabria

Permanent Housing

Beckett House

Permanent housing is available for clients in need of a safe, secure, and affordable place to live. Clients are given the support, encouragement, and guidance needed for wherever they are on their journey of recovery.

Housing for 7 male individuals (shared room). All utilities are included. Monthly rent is $250.00.

“Beckett House is my home, I feel proud of it. We all work together to keep it nice. We have a place to receive visitors and we are able to cook fresh and warm meals.”

Transitional Housing

Yakima and Toppenish Family Housing

This transitional case managed clean and sober housing provides homeless families with children under 18 a place to live and includes a housing and support services coordinator. There are currently two buildings in Yakima with a total of five units and one building in Toppenish with three units. Monthly rent is based on income (30%). Deposit is $500.00.

My Brother’s House (Women or Men with Children)

My Brother’s House provides case-managed transitional housing for individuals with families who have maintained their clean and sober status and are working a program of recovery.

There are three units for pregnant or parenting women and six units for homeless families with children.

Parkway Place Apartments

Parkway Place Apartments offers transitional housing for women and children. The facility offers safe, clean and sober housing for pregnant and parenting women and their children in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

This second step facility assists women who have completed primary treatment to maintain recovery and learn the skills they need to be nurturing parents and become financially self-sufficient.

Residents participate in case management. Monthly rent is based on income (30%). Deposit is $500.00.

Sage House (Women with Children)

Sage House is transitional housing for pregnant and/or parenting women and their children.

It is a community living facility which has 10 rooms and housing case management. Monthly rent is $250.00. Deposit is $500.00.

“Now I have a place to sleep and cook a meal, take a warm shower, and we all get along with the neighbors.”

Emergency Housing

Emergency Family Shelter

The purpose is to prevent homelessness, or for those already homeless to quickly work with the families to re-house them in safe, secure and affordable housing. We provide temporary (28 days) shelter for families with children under the age of 18 and/or families that include a pregnant woman.

We provide intensive case management to work with the families to ensure that they are receiving all the assistance they are eligible to receive through community resources.