Volunteer With Us

Empower Change, Inspire Hope

Triumph extends a warm welcome to our prospective volunteers. We sincerely appreciate your interest in sharing your time and expertise, all in support of Triumph’s mission.

At Triumph, we believe that the power of community and compassion can transform lives. Join our dedicated team of volunteers and be a driving force in the journey towards hope and new life. Your commitment has the potential to make a lasting impact on individuals seeking to overcome substance use disorder and mental health issues …whether you are volunteering directly with the clients or serving in an office setting.

While volunteering at Triumph doesn’t come with monetary compensation, it offers invaluable experiential learning opportunities. Your involvement will aid our staff in expanding services, developing fresh ideas, and making a meaningful impact on the lives of others. As a valued member of our volunteer team, you can anticipate being treated with utmost respect and appreciation by our staff.

Triumph offers a diverse range of volunteer roles, spanning from occasional event participation to weekly administrative tasks or even teaching craft classes – the possibilities are abundant! Each volunteer assignment will come with specific training and site orientation tailored to your role and responsibilities.

Why Volunteer With Us

Transform Lives

By volunteering in a Triumph facility, you become an integral part of the transformation process. Your support and presence can be the beacon of hope that lights up the path to recovery for our clients.

Create Connections

The relationships you build with clients, staff, and fellow volunteers are invaluable. As you offer your time and expertise, you’ll also receive a sense of fulfillment that comes from being a positive force of change.

Share Your Skills

Whether you’re a professional, a skilled worker, an organizer, or just want to help make a difference, your unique skills and experiences can contribute to our holistic approach to healing. Almost every talent has a place at Triumph.

Be Part of Something Bigger

Our volunteers are essential partners in building a healthier, happier, and stronger community. Your involvement ripples beyond Triumph, impacting families, friends, and society as a whole.

Volunteer Requirements

Age Requirements

Volunteers are typically required to be 18 years of age or above; however, this criterion may be waived for infrequent one-time events where there is no direct client interaction involved.

Background Check

In accordance with the provisions outlined in RCW 43.43, volunteers are required to successfully complete a background check as part of the qualification process.

TB Test

Completion of a two-step TB test is a mandatory requirement for all volunteers.

Drug Test

Successful completion of a 10 panel drug screen

  • The cost of all the above requirements will be covered by Triumph.

Volunteers help plant flowers for the women at Inspirations.

School Volunteer Requirements

We can attempt to accommodate your volunteer requirements for school purposes and arrange a suitable volunteer site; however, site availability is not guaranteed.

Court-appointed Volunteer Requirements

Regrettably, we are unable to facilitate placements for court-appointed volunteer mandates.

The Application Process

After you complete and submit your application, a member of volunteer services will reach out to discuss areas of interest and set up an interview (when applicable). After a successful interview, references will be contacted. 

References should ideally be individuals acquainted with your professional abilities, such as a teacher, supervisor, colleague, or any person familiar with your professional background. If obtaining professional references poses a challenge, personal references may also be considered. Family members cannot be used as references.

Upon a successful reference check, a drug screen, background check, and TB test will be conducted

Orientation and training for your position will be scheduled after completion of the steps above.

Ready to make a difference?

Join us in creating a refuge of healing and transformation. To embark on this rewarding journey as a volunteer at Triumph, please fill out our volunteer application form. Together we can create hope and new life, one act of kindness at a time!


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