More Than a Check-Up…

Alma Rodriguez, a public health nurse at Yakima Valley Farm Worker’s Clinic, works with women and children on Triumph’s Campus. 

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic (YVFWC) is one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest community health centers, providing affordable medical, dental, behavioral health and social services to underserved populations in our communities.

YVFWC has been partnering with Triumph’s Pregnant and Parenting Women’s Program for years, but in April 2023, a new partnership was formed when leadership recognized the need for onsite access to medical care for the women and children Triumph serves.

“This partnership provides the opportunity for us to support women and families in early addiction recovery obtain access to YVFWC services.  Through this partnership we provide residents with access to a public health nurse who provides education on how to be good health-care consumers through scheduling of regular care appointments, proper use of the emergency department, referrals to home visiting programs and nutritional education with programs such as WIC,” says Christy Bracewell Trotter, Chief Executive Officer of YVFWC.

YVFWC allocates a dedicated nurse to be available onsite weekly at Triumph’s Campus. This nurse performs medical health assessments for the women living there and helps them to address any medical concerns they may have.  The program educates women on the importance of preventative care, helps them understand how their insurance works, and provides additional resources available to them in the community.  It also serves to inspire hope and empower women to advocate for themselves.

Connecting these women to health care providers early in their recovery process contributes to establishing a routine of regular care for themselves and their families.

“This partnership significantly multiplies the chance of vulnerable women and children getting the health care they need, when and where they need it,” said Jolene Seda, Chief Executive Officer for Triumph Treatment Services.

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