Our Culture

Working at Triumph is more than a job, its a mission!

Here at Triumph, our company culture is extremely important to us. We not only make commitments to serve our patients, but also our employees. 


Our environment here at Triumph Treatment Services is a team oriented atmosphere that focuses on values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors of helping individuals in need.


Our agencies culture is made up of all life experiences each employee brings to Triumph.


Our focus is towards our patients recovery process with every word that is spoken every decision that is made, the daily work practices and procedures we do, and the stories that are told from those that we have helped.


Our employees are recognized and rewarded for all that they do and the impact that they have with each individual they come into contact with.

Working at Triumph requires some special attention . . .


Triumph Treatment Services offers a rewarding career opportunity with room for advancement to motivated individuals. There is room to grow within an environment devoted to meaningful and valuable work.


The very nature of our work requires personal involvement with our clients and patients. It’s extremely important that all personal relationships be kept on a highly professional basis. Disregarding this rule can place both out clients and ourselves in a bad situation and damage the integrity of the service we provide.


All of our clients deserve our utmost respect for their privacy. We operate in a small community and the odds of contact outside of work are fairly high. Anything beyond the exchange of normal pleasantries has the potential to violate confidentiality


Our services are often tied into legal conditions and situations. For that reason, It’s imperative that we always follow proper procedures in dealing with our clients. Full documentation and complete and accurate records are a must.