No one should have to worry about whether they will have food on their plate or a roof over their head. But the reality is that hunger and homelessness are widespread problems that affect far too many people.  In the United States too many Americans are living on the edge, forced to choose between basic necessities like purchasing food, paying rent, or going to the doctor.

  • In 2015, 43.1 million Americans were living below the poverty level. For children under 18, the poverty rate was 19.7%.
  • More than 41 million Americans are dependent on food stamps.
  • On a typical night in 2016, more than 549,000 Americans were homeless.
  • Nearly 2.5 million children in America experience homelessness each year

As Homelessness becomes worse, localities have sought to criminalize life-sustaining activities in public spaces. By making it illegal to share food in public spaces or lie down in parks, and even constructing spikes to keep homeless people from resting, our society refuses to let humans carry on life in public spaces. This only makes issues of homelessness worse and more costly for governments and taxpayers.

 With the number of families and individuals in our community affected by homelessness growing this event is intended to provide for some basic needs of our community members currently facing homelessness

How Triumph Helps

• We educate the community about these issues and build
support for solutions.

• Perform community service that helps those in need

• Raise money and donations to support local agencies that are on the front line
in addressing hunger and homelessness.

How You Can Help