Alcohol Awareness Month

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How aware are you?

While you may not know, April is Alcohol Awareness Month. This is a tradition that started as a way to increase awareness about a disease many Americans suffer from. The idea is to spread information locally, statewide, and overall nationwide. Alcohol has touched almost all of our lives in one way or another. The general goal of this month is to create some sort of catalyst for change and awareness.

Connecting the Dots: Opportunity for Recovery

This year’s theme is “Connecting the Dots: Opportunity for Recovery.” This year’s efforts are being directed towards young individuals. These are the people that can be easily influenced by alcohol and drugs if not informed. As a parent the best thing you can do for your child is interfere. While you may want to let your kids grow and learn on their own, it is your job to actively educate them. A whopping 50% of children are less likely to use drugs and alcohol that have conversations with their parents about the risks, than those who do not.

Whether we drink, or have been surrounded by those who do drink, alcohol is a huge part of the lives of Americans.  At a time in our lives when we are being molded, the use of substances can change our lives forever. The use of alcohol at a young age opens the possibility of developing substance abuse issues later in life. As a parent every effort to help your children “connect the dots” will make a world of difference.

A huge part of Alcohol Awareness Month is Alcohol-Free Weekend which takes the first weekend in April. The aim of this weekend is to go 72 hours without drinking a single drop of alcohol. This may seem like a small task to some, but to others it could be almost impossible. That is the reason this weekend is so important. If it allows even one person to come to realization that they can’t go even 72 hours without alcohol, maybe that will inspire them to get some help.


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