Season of Sharing- A Record-Breaking Season!

Volunteers help bring holiday joy to clients at our Pregnant and Parenting Women’s Campus

“The most important thing that Triumph did for me is show me there is another way of life. Triumph is a life-saver. Season of Sharing is an opportunity for our clients to provide their children with a Christmas they have never had before, and bring new memories and blessings to their family.” This is from Sharekia McKechnie, office assistant for the Parent-Child Assistance Program, who talks about her experience benefiting from the Season of Sharing as a past client.

For nearly 20 years, Triumph has worked with community members and partners like the Yakima Herald to bring Christmas gifts and joy to families in need. This program was championed by LaShaunda Harris, clinical supervisor for Triumph’s Parent-Child Assistance Program for many years before her passing in 2019. Over the years, the Season of Sharing program has shifted from weekly stories of individuals overcoming hardships in the local newspaper to individuals and businesses adopting families directly to support their Christmas wish and needs lists. This year just over 137 families had their wish and needs list supported by donors including local businesses and individuals. Triumph appreciates and wants to especially thank Gesa Credit Union for adopting 43 of the families this year and to the Riel family for completing their 35th year bringing Santa (on his Burrow’s Tractor Christmas Truck blaring ‘Santa’s Coming To Town” over the loudspeaker!) to Triumph’s Pregnant and Parenting Women’s Program. We do not have words to express our gratitude for the communities generosity.

In total, just over $30,000 of in-kind and financial gifts were made to Triumph for the Season of Sharing event. All gifts were distributed to families in need just in time for the holidays. These families are all a part of Triumph’s network of services including the Parent-Child Assistance Program,  the Housing program, Peer Support services, or enrolled in the Pregnant and Parenting Women’s Program.

Sophia Sanabria, Triumph’s Housing Manager, says, “as a single mother that I was for so many years, I can understand what many parents feel when they see their children happy, and excited receiving gifts. I have had this privilege for many years. Knowing that we (Triumph) not only house these families in need but assist them with services that allow them to get better, get to know themselves and their worth, become successful… (it) is just a wonderful privilege. Season of Sharing is like the ‘cherry on top.’ It is the time we get to have the community get together and show their love and support to all those who are struggling one way or another. It is a way to demonstrate and state, ‘you are not alone, we got you.’”

Not only did each of the Triumph families who submitted wish lists to their case manager receive gifts from the donors that adopted them, but other toy, blanket, hygiene, and household donations from community fundraisers helped over 20 clients in the Peer Support program as well. Mary Correa, Certified Peer Counselor at Triumph said, “Season of Sharing brought so much joy to our peers! Peer Support was able to bring in Santa this year (which the kids ABSOLUTELY LOVED) and because of the abundance of donations through Season of Sharing, parents were able to have what they needed for the holiday season. Moms came out with so much joy on their faces and could not express enough how thankful they were.”

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