Celebrating Volunteer Appreciate Week

Triumph is immensely grateful for our dedicated volunteers who selflessly give their time and effort to support our mission. Earlier this month we celebrated Volunteer Appreciation Week, we extend our deepest thanks to each of them.

Robin, a retired nurse practitioner, has been practicing yoga since 2005.  In her weekly classes at Genesis, she focuses on teaching the gentle aspect of movement in yoga, knowing that there’s an added bonus of mental calming and stress reduction for residents. She is currently learning qigong (a traditional Chinese practice that involves coordinated movement, breathing, meditation, and posture to improve health, well-being, and spirituality) and is working on incorporating it into her weekly lessons at Genesis.

Our partnership with Stone Church has also been fun and easy. Recently they have helped us organize clothing and overflow items that we utilize daily. With their help we were able to get better organized and serve our clients more effectively. They also donated time and supplies to do activities with our clients at the Genesis Building and children during the holiday season.  The activities created a fun environment where the clients and children learned a family fun activity. Operations Director at Campus, Nicole Arambul, says “I am amazed at their care, compassion, and servitude to the community. They have an unwavering commitment and tireless work that are driving positive change and making a lasting impact.”

From lending a helping hand at events to providing invaluable support behind the scenes, our volunteers embody the spirit of generosity and compassion. We honor and appreciate them for their invaluable contributions, which truly make Triumph’s achievements possible.

Stone Church volunteers at Genesis for pumpkin painting night.

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