In the fall of 2014 Beth’s Place hosted the first Open House for the campus and others involved in their recovery. Their hope was to share principles of recovery expressed in art. They chose to express recovery in skit, personal coat of arms, self portrait posters, banners, and creating peace flags.
Beth’s Place counselors learned about a tradition of the Tibetan Peace Flags. In one form or another Tibetan flags or banners have been around for more than 2000 years. They began with blessings and prayers symbolically represented on banner or flags. At one point monks in Tibet put blessings on them and put them on hanging strings “to be sent out to the world with each breeze” (Peace Flag Project, 2014).

The Beth’s Place women made their own prayer flags as part of expressing recovery in art and in peace and draped them in the wind.
Thank you Beth’s Place for sharing your recovery in art. We hope you enjoy their art.
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