Eighteen parents graduate from Family Treatment Court and reunify with their children

On June 16th, 2022, Linda Spearman, a SUDP at Triumph, poses with Charlotte Groo at the Family Treatment Court.

On June 16th, 2022, eighteen parents graduated from Family Treatment Court (FTC) in an event called ‘Parent Recognition’ at the Juvenile Court in Yakima. Eleven of these parents have been through Triumph and we are thrilled to celebrate both in their recovery and reunification with their children! Shawna Estep, Outpatient Clinical Supervisor, says “most of the 11 parents not only have been a part of CDAC but have gone through residential (programs at Triumph).”

Jessica, whose family has been through the Parent Child Assistant Program (PCAP) at Triumph says,

“Today meant that we are celebrating that we’ve had our daughter for a whole year, and it’s been amazing to have her in our lives. Once we were able to get her back our whole life changed. We are clean off drugs and alcohol and want to give her a safe environment.”

Charlotte, another parent celebrating reunification with her children at the event, successfully completed multiple outpatient programs at Triumph with Linda, one of Triumph’s Substance Use Disorder Professionals working in the outpatient program. Charlotte says, “I love Linda. She’s probably the realest, least judgmental, most honest person. She holds you accountable like no other.” Charlotte came to Triumph in 2019 and has been successful at staying sober. She says it’s been eye opening at how much the program has helped her find healthy ways to fill time in her days.
Charlotte wants everyone to remember: “Nothing is simple if it’s worth it; and obviously one of the hardest things in the world is to stay sober.”

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