Triumph’s Brand-new Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

Justyce, one of Triumph’s patient services coordinators, welcomes clients into the new clinic.

The opening of the Genesis Outpatient Mental Health Clinic is an exciting new step for Triumph: this clinic is open to the entire community, not just those with a substance use disorder. Read More.

This is especially important, our Chief Financial Officer Jim Simmons remind us, as “The CDC recently published statistics that 1 in 5 adults (and 1 in 5 children) reported having a mental health disorder or mental health symptoms. As a co-occurring substance use disorder facility, offering outpatient mental health services is a natural extension of the mental health services already being offered to Triumph clients in the residential setting.”

Not only is the mental health crisis growing, but access to the appropriate care can be difficult to obtain.

“Access to mental health services has been an issue that has been recognized globally. We can address these barriers for our communities to be able to access mental health services to continue to promote positive well-being and resilience. Through Genesis Mental Health Outpatient, we will be able to serve a multitude of individuals and continue to instill hope and foster the skills necessary to be able to cope with life’s challenges and celebrations.” -Stephanie Aguilar, Clinical Mental Health Supervisor

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