The Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to thank all of its employees for the excellent efforts they make every day to further the Mission of Triumph Treatment Services and assist our many clients.  Our employees are the heart of the agency, and we are grateful and honored to work with them.

Triumph Treatment Services’ leader, Beth Dannhardt, is moving to the position of Director Emerita (or retiring as appropriate).

Beth is a significant figure in the state and national chemical dependency community and has been for many years.  She is a powerful advocate for chemical dependency treatment and for the homeless and has worked tirelessly at both the state and national levels for their benefit.  Under Beth’s leadership, Triumph Treatment Services has grown from a small local agency to one that is recognized nationwide for its innovative and comprehensive approach to treatment.  Triumph accepts clients from across the state of Washington.

One of Beth’s many innovations was to establish an inpatient treatment program for pregnant and parenting women that allowed them to bring their children into treatment with them, so the client was assured that their children were in a safe and stable environment while they worked to get well.  That program, Riel House, has been a successful model for the treatment of women and their families.  Beth also recognized the relationship between permanent lifestyle change and successful treatment and began the acquisition of housing so that graduates of inpatient treatment would have sober and safe environments to continue their programs.  The agency can now offer its clients long-term housing in a clean and safe place.

Because of Beth and the agency’s excellent reputation, Triumph Treatment Services has been asked to participate in a number of cutting edge research programs.  Research in dual-diagnosis treatment, assessment personnel stationed directly in hospital emergency rooms, pregnant and parenting women’s outreach programs, and Housing First are just a few of the many innovations Triumph has modeled for others.

Yakima County and the state of Washington are fortunate to have Beth’s leadership, and the Board of Directors of Triumph Treatment Services is honored to work with her.

Transitions are difficult for everyone, but we have complete confidence that our team will continue Beth’s legacy and continue to move the agency in a positive direction.

The board of directors is confident that the current Executive Management team and our Interim Executive Director Wally Lee will continue to achieve Triumph goals of excellence and service to our community.

Wally Lee and the rest of our executives as well as all our staff will make Triumph successful and stronger. We are a team with commitment, passion and perseverance, which has been the cornerstone of our organization from the very beginning.

From the Triumph Treatment Services Board of Directors