Yoga, knitting, and crafts help ease the hurt of being away from family during the holiday season

A vision board made with clients at Inspirations and Lisa Reinmuth during an arts and crafts session

Lisa Reinmuth is a current community supporter at Triumph providing staff at Inspirations (women’s intensive inpatient) and the Pregnant and Parenting Program (women’s long-term residential program) with support in the form of trauma informed Yoga Classes.

Lisa says “Often times the amount of trauma (the clients) have been through is shocking and so very sad, they really have come so far!” Lisa ends every session with a special encouraging song that has a message around not giving up, and remembering that they are women worthy of love, dignity; and that they are cherished no matter their past. Lisa says “it is a privilege to remind them of their true identities”. Especially over the holiday, clients working on recovery through inpatient treatment programs express how hard it is to be away from their families.

Things like community engagement through yoga, knitting, and crafts help ease the hurt of being away from family during these times. “It’s great to see how their mood and countenance changes before yoga and after. They are so much more calm and peaceful, smiling, and it seems to help get them through hard times.” says Reinmuth.

She continues with “I personally really enjoy the craft times because we can sit around and talk and get to know each other. It’s wonderful to encourage and support them, they have come so far and I keep encouraging them to take one day at a time. They are such sweet wonderful beautiful women with so much potential and many talents. I just keep encouraging them over and over and over to keep going and that the hard work is worth it!”

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